Located on the corner of St. Marks and First Avenue, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a 24/7 dumpling restaurant with a zero-human-interaction concept re-stimulated by the pandemic. For those who are unfamiliar, automats were a big hit beginning in 1918 after the Spanish flu, and regained popularity in the 1970s until large food chains took over the fast-food industry. The dumpling shop’s restaurateur, Stratis Morfogen, who also owns Brooklyn Chop House- an Asian steakhouse located in the Financial District, believes that the COVID-19 era is the perfect time for a comeback of the machines. This high-tech restaurant includes touchless order stations and miniature lockers that scan your receipt or phone to match you with your order. The dumplings are produced on a conveyor belt, and word on the street is that they are capable of producing in the ballpark of 10,000 dumplings an hour! Customers can watch the dumplings being prepared through their glass wall, what’s more exciting than that?


Dumpling shop

That’s not all…The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop does not offer the typical flavors commonly found at your local dumpling store. Their menu features a unique selection of 32 different dumplings including Turkey Club, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pepperoni Pizza, Matzo Ball, and soon much more! MD Squared Property Group’s Marketing Intern, Ananya, recently stopped by the dumpling shop.

Her personal favorites were the Chicken Parmesan and Philly Cheesesteak dumplings, “there was a burst of flavor in every bite I took”. In addition to the savory options, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has a variety of breakfast dumplings, making for the perfect grab-n-go breakfast. (Note: the shop is currently operating Monday through Friday from 12PM to 12AM, but their 24/7 service begins June 19th).

They currently operate in just one location in New York’s East Village neighborhood, but our New Jersey readers should look forward to the more convenient Hoboken location opening this summer (the official date has yet to be announced). Each order comes with 3 dumplings and is served in a small locker for pick-up. The prices range from $3.95 to $19.95, depending on the filling. These dumplings are definitely worth the taste, as well as the entire automat experience. So, next time you are in the East Village, don’t forget to stop by 131 First Avenue for some delicious dumplings!

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