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Dealing with properties is no easy feat. You have to ensure that everything is aligned and properly functioning day in and day out. This can be an extra unnecessary burden for some, which is why many are moving towards property management solutions. Nonetheless, taking care of your own property can be very fulfilling.

From taking care of necessities to making gradual improvements, you can easily find joy in managing your rental property yourself. However, while managing your own property can be fun, it is still a lot of work, and issues are bound to rise, especially if you’re based in NYC. 

In this article, we will discuss common issues you may encounter when managing your own property in NYC. We’ll also provide you with a deep dive into how to address these issues and highlight the importance of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Hard Truth Of Managing Your Property In NYC

Renting in New York is tricky, vibrant, and interesting, attracting new residents every passing second. It goes without saying that you won’t have any issues finding tenants. However, you’re likely going to stress over maintaining your property consistently as there are so many things you must do. This is really important as having problems managing your own property can lead to a loss of revenue.  

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly encountered problems in managing your own property in NYC: 


  1. Following the rules: New York has many regulations and codes you must follow as a property owner. This is where you might make mistakes, as there are so many things to look over. From understanding rent control to proving that your property is habitable and meets all the necessary requirements, things can get overwhelming. This causes problems, as failing to comply leads to fines and financial loss. 
  2. Dealing with tenants: Dealing with tenants is not easy at all. First, you have to complete background checks, which do take time. Then, you must make sure that they have all necessary amenities in their apartments. In addition, you also have to deal with tenant turnover, tenants who do not pay rent, and problematic tenants who are difficult to get rid of due to NYC protection laws
  3. Property maintenance: Just when you begin to think that your property is in great shape, something breaks. Constant maintenance will cost you time and money. That is why you need to set clear rules for your tenants, obliging them to be careful and prevent property damage.
  4. Collecting rent: Rent collection is not easy. While you should be friendly to your tenants, you must set clear boundaries. After all, you’re running a business to generate revenue and cannot afford financial losses. Rent collection can be troublesome if you’re dealing with tenants who are constantly late on their payments. Such disputes can be tiring and bring a lot of unnecessary headaches. 
  5. Pricing and expenses: Since you cannot control the world economy, you will have to adjust your prices to stay afloat. This is another problematic area, as tenants will never respond well to higher rent prices. Covering taxes and property expenses while dealing with unsatisfied tenants is tricky. Juggling both will surely have you pulling your hair out. 
  6. Property safety: In managing your own property, it is important that you provide safety and security for your tenants. This means addressing areas such as property entrance security, safe doors, entrance systems, and more. This will all cost time and money, leaving you with even more on your plate.
  7. Addressing emergencies: As a property owner, the safety and comfort of your tenants is your main concern. It is really important that you are fully capable of addressing emergencies quickly. This could be fire hazards, power outages, floods, or security issues. Being able to react quickly is utterly important. 
  8. Managing utilities: This is another issue with the potential to go out of hand quickly. It’s important that you closely monitor the usage of utilities such as water and gas to ensure that tenants are not increasing your expenses largely. Your tenants should feel comfortable in their units, but they must cooperate and understand that overusing utilities can ultimately increase the cost of their rent.
  9. Renovation restrictions: New York has a lot of rules and regulations that property owners are obligated to follow when they want to renovate something in the property. Before making any changes, you must go through a mountain of paperwork and provide a deep sea of property papers.

Addressing The Problems

Having so many issues to address at once can be difficult. This is where solutions such as property management software can be used to establish a grip on the problems with managing your own property. This can help automate and streamline certain processes that you would have to otherwise complete manually. 

On the other hand, you could also opt for property management training and courses to elevate your property management skills. This can help you develop a well-rounded skill set that you can utilize to engage with your tenants, plan properly, address issues accordingly, and establish consistency. 

While doing all of this can be great for you and your property, there is always the possibility of employing professional help. This means transferring your property management responsibilities to a dedicated property management firm. 

Professional property management firms serve the sole purpose of managing properties and ensuring that everything is aligned and up to standard. Furthermore, these firms also provide assistance and guidance in improving your property for increased revenue and efficiency. They utilize modern technologies, have dedicated project managers, employ management systems, and have great connections with professional repairmen, allowing them to address maintenance issues rather quickly. 

While you would have to pay an additional amount of money, you would be completely free of the stress of managing your property and addressing every little tenant issue and need. Choosing this path enables you to enjoy the best parts of owning a rental property without being hands-on all the time. 

While this may seem like you are taking the easy way out, it is way better than having to deal with recurring issues day after day only to find yourself not being able to process or address anything properly.

Key Takeaways

In sum, owning a property is not easy at all. From dealing with tenants to constantly working on repairs, there’s really no room for resting. Yet, dealing with all of these tasks can be somewhat fulfilling at the end of the day. There’s something about working hard and reaping the benefits in the end. 

There is always room for improvement in property management. Staying consistent and striving for improvement will have you at the top of your game in no time. You can even opt-in for management classes to better your skills and understand how to tackle issues, deal with tenants, make improvements, and manage your property more efficiently. 

Having so many responsibilities can definitely be tiresome and stressful. This has caused property owners to move towards working with professional property management firms, allowing them to reap the benefits of owning a property without constant worrying.

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