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MD Squared Property Group is a New York property management company for coops, condos and rentals. We manage each building and real estate as if it were our own. We identify opportunities to create value and provide personalized services with attention to details.

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    MD Squared Property Group has been providing property management services for over 25 years. With a focus on New York City are and knowledge of the NYC real estate market, we have built strong relationships with owners and managers of numerous residential properties to ensure that their needs are taken care of.

    Why hire us?


    We have combined property management experience of 30+ years, CPAs in-house and insights into New York's real estate market.


    You can always reach our property management company team by phone


    Our unique property management business model allows us to hire better talent, which means better service for you


    Our strategic partnerships with technology companies expedite our real estate processes and increase efficiency


    We know you like choices when it comes to managing your finances. MD Squared Property Management company makes it easy for you to pay your bill online.



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    What our customers are saying...

    Nothing but good things to say. Michael and his staff have been nothing but available, responsive, and helpful in every last request. Truly going above and beyond the call of duty. In a city filled with management company horror stories, MD Squared property management company seems like a fairy tale. Thanks, Michael!

    MATT B.
    Professional and responsive. A pleasure to work with in all realms of property management.
    EVAN A.

    Your efforts don’t go unnoticed. I appreciate all that MD Squared property management company have done/are doing for us in helping make our house a home.

    GABBY A.

    Nothing but good things to say. Michael and his staff have been nothing but available, responsive, and helpful in every last request. Truly going above and beyond the call of duty. In a city filled with management company horror stories, MD Squared property management company seems like a fairy tale. Thanks, Michael!

    ZACK A.

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    Top 5 reasons to work with a New York City property management company

    If you currently own or are looking to purchase income properties in New York City, then partnering with the right property management company can be critical.

    That’s why you should partner up with MD Squared. We offer such an extensive range of services, such as marketing, tenant screening, management, and property maintenance.

    The following are the top 5 benefits of collaborating with us to manage your condominium, cooperative, or rental complex.

    1. Attracting the Right Residents

    All prospective residents undergo a screening process with MD Squared Property Group before moving into an apartment.  We as a property management company run credit checks, keep an open line of communication with board members, and conduct personal interviews in cooperatives.

    2. Marketing and Advertising

    Advertising your properties can be time-consuming, but is crucial to success.  MD Squared Property Group fosters relationships with industry-leading brokers and uses proven marketing strategies to ensure your properties are getting the attention of the right audience.

    3. Prompt Rental Payments and Tenant Management

    MD Squared Property Group will help you value and competitively price apartments for your property, using our years of experience within the New York City residential real estate market.  Let your property managers handle rent collections and ensure tenants are paying their rent on time.  If finances become a challenge for tenants after they have already moved in, MD Squared property management company uses the services of Vero to get a full and accurate picture of the situation, and works with the tenants through payment plans.  

    4. Compliance with Housing Regulations and Laws

    MD Squared Property Group works diligently to keep violations to a minimum, and both our Management Team as well as our Compliance Team are well versed in the local, state, and federal requirements.

    5. Property Maintenance and Hiring Vendors

    MD Squared Property Group enjoys building strong relationships with contractors, suppliers, and tradespeople.  This allows for our Property Management Team’s knowledge to continuously develop and will enable you to maintain your property at competitive rates.

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    Why MD Squared is Your Ideal Property
    Management Company in NYC

    You may count on MD Squared Property Management Company to uphold their core values of reputability, reliability, and responsiveness in addition to our services.

    Our Accreditation
    MD Squared Property Group holds several accreditation certificates from government agencies, professional bodies, and international bodies. Several of our team members are also accredited for enhanced operations. 
    Our Online Presence

    Capitalize on MD Squared property management’s existing social media and online presence to advertise your properties and attract new tenants.

    Our Fees and Reporting Structures
    We pride ourselves on transparency and fairness with all fees at MD Squared Property Group. We also understand the value of strong reporting, and we provide clients with. quality tenancy and financial reports, as well as custom reporting for your unique needs.
    Our Experience
    MD Squared Property Group enlists the strongest industry thought-leaders with a combined 30 years in the NYC property management industry. We leverage a strong network of trusted partners to provide all clients with efficient and reliable service, no matter what challenge you may be facing.