Why MD Squared Property Group

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Management encompasses all building services including, but not limited to, billing, collections, staff management, maintenance, compliance, capital projects and communication with owners, residents, vendors and building professionals.  We do this by using established, reputable and reliable business partners. ​

In order for our philosophy to succeed, a manager must be more than just an employee.  MD Squared Property Group provides growth opportunities that motivate staff for long-term potential and retention.  The team is important for sharing of expertise, knowledge and experience. We are engaged as a team on each and every property. 

Every cooperative, condominium and rental building has a structure and physical plant that needs ongoing attention from ownership, management, staff and outside professionals.  In order for building operations and projects to flow smoothly, these components must work collaboratively. Management is the centerpiece of this equation. MD Squared Property Group provides bespoke management solutions to all buildings in its portfolio.​

  • Shareholders, unit owners and tenants are all individuals who have a home that needs the appropriate level of management to ensure a quiet, safe and well-maintained environment

  • We manage multifamily dwellings the way they should be managed; watching costs, providing quality service, creating value. We create value for buildings resulting in increased apartment/building values

  • We leverage knowledge of real estate ownership, management and development to maximize appreciation and income

  • We believe that quality management equals integrity, accountability, ownership, reliability and responsibility​

  • We attract top-notch managers by providing ownership opportunities and income-generating potential

At MD Squared Property Group, we manage each building as if it were our own; return each phone call; respond to each email; negotiate the best possible pricing on goods and services; ad​dress building needs in a respectful, practical, efficient and economic manner.

​We manage buildings with the highest level of service.  Management is about service; it is knowing the operations of a building, but it is so much more.  It is understanding resident and owner needs, identifying opportunities for creating value and providing a well-run and supportive community.


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